Monday, August 21, 2006

Floppy, revisited

I went through three phases of floppy dressing.

1. High school. Doesn't every girl go through a big-clothing phase at this age. The body is changing, every one is looking, and we're not ready for our debut. So. Big tee shirts, about three sizes too big.

2. College. Still too skinny, I swathed myself in loose tees and long skirts with cottony folds. Overalls were also part of the uniform. The ex-boy told me that I should dress with volume to cover my body so that I would look more my age, rather than twelve. I guess that was good advice, although in retrospect I resent the hell out of it.

2.5. Between 2 and 3 there was a brief, confused attempt to wear shorter, tighter, faster (again, at the prompting of a different boy du jour).

3. That phase passed. Now I find myself returning to some of the same shapes and volumes as before. A little more streamlined and cleaned up, but still essentially the same. And now that I'm living in the smaller meridians, I layer a lot. In the winter, I sometimes have something like 4 or 5 layers on.

I got this jumper dress reminiscent of a beloved, ill-washed set that I had in college. The lace at the yoke is supposed to fold down, not stay up in a frill like in the photo.

I like this example of loose dressing from Preen, too. I think that's my style. Men, be damned.

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butidigress said...

These dresses are adorable. The frill thing definitely needs to lay down. Down, frill, down. Good frill. Here's a cookie!

I remember you talking about the overalls. And Birks. :-D

Men, be damned.