Friday, July 20, 2007

What I like

It's good to take an inventory now and then of what you like and don't like, what works for you and doesn't. Now that my budget has changed, my purchases have slowed down A LOT, and I find myself picking things much more carefully. While the price tag of individual items hasn't gone down by much, the number of things has.

What works for me:
Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes -- I have a pair of glittery platform sandals from last summer that I still love. It feels like the arrival of spring when I pull them out from their box.

A.P.C. -- I like the simple, quiet, and versatile aesthetic that permeates the collection. And I can use this brand to expand my wardrobe with foundational pieces, especially since most of their items go on 50% sale about midway through the season. (But you have to act quickly. The summer sale occurred about a month ago, and the choicest items sold out within hours online, but I did snag a few new items.)

necklaces -- Of all the accessories that I own, I switch out necklaces the most often.

What doesn't work for me:
Earrings, bracelets -- I wear the same Tiffany diamond posts and jade bracelet every day.

handbags -- Nothing ever really grabs me and holds on. Yes, I get feverish crushes now and again, but they all end up fizzling out almost immediately upon procurement.

dresses -- I think they're the prettiest little things, but I never wear them. I think they feel heavy on me, and drag me down.

And here's a new test of what I know I won't end up liking...If I find that I have to persuade myself into an acquisition, especially if I picture myself in some sort of glamorous setting, then it's a no.

I'll add more observations as they come to me.

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