Sunday, December 31, 2006

Men's brogues/oxfords/jazz shoes

Still looking for them. I would wear them with tights and short skirts. And in the summer, with shorts but no socks.

In the search for personal style, I have started to mine the past for the things I used to wear before I had a lot of income at my disposal. These would be the looks I put together from thrift stores, and I mean real thrift stores. Not to be a snob about it, but vintage stores don't count. Someone else has already sifted through the smelly mess (and dry cleaned it, for God's sakes!) and hung it up nice and neat for you. I went into a vintage store once--couldn't even afford a cotton slip in the place. No thank you.

Ahem. What I was saying. Was. In the timeline of my personal style, I went from Converse shoes to oxfords sometime in college. It was a slight transition to less tomboyishness at the same time, as I started to show my legs, too.

Personal landmarks of style (ages approximate):
15....h-u-u-u-u-u-u-g-e Gap pocket t's. (by huge, I mean I wore L or XL and weighed ~82 lbs)
high, no socks. shoes always came off in English class Converse sneaks
21....brown men's oxfords
21....the return of the skirt
23...tank top (for the first time!)

More recent changes, I'll post some other time. There was the first high heel, silk dress, non-sale item, etc.

Ooops! Almost forgot the reason for my post. The shoes I lost out on on eBay. I still cry.

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